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Coordinated action requires that we employ focused and intense advocacy. While all our volunteer time is crucial, we need professionals such as lobbyists and lawyers. Our only means of engaging these experts is with your donated dollars. It is best to think of this as an investment. We fight solely on your behalf and are the only entity that can boast complete commitment of your donations to this one activity. Your heart rhythm society has limited funds available for direct action and is forbidden from dedicating itself entirely to advocacy by virtue of its 501c3 status. We need the help of every practicing cardiac electrophysiologist. Your donation will be used to advocate for you and your colleagues; please forward on to every electrophysiologist you know.

Below, you find will find suggested contributions to support EPAF:

  • Diamond tier: $10,000
  • Platinum tier: $5,000
  • Gold tier: $2,500
  • Silver tier: $1,000
  • Bronze tier: $500

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We will be 100% transparent with how your donations are used. We prefer ACH transfer to minimize the fees we pay to receive your donation.

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