Our Mission

The Electrophysiology Advocacy Foundation (EPAF – 501c6) will stand and fight for practicing cardiac electrophysiologists and heart rhythm patients’ access to quality care. EPAF is a fully transparent, volunteer-based professional association run by practicing electrophysiologists.

We were founded in response to the proposed cuts in 2023. The effect of decreasing resources to practicing cardiac electrophysiologists is profound. The small field of cardiac electrophysiology, already in need of more physicians and support, will dwindle due to the lack of interest from trainees and a contracting job market; private practice physicians and those that are hospital-employed will be forced to limit their services; ultimately, our patients will suffer the most as the field dissipates into an office based specialty unable to dedicate time and energy to poorly funded procedures.

EPAF employs a broad multifaceted approach including:

  • Direct congressional action
  • Hiring professional lobbying firms with experience in this sector
  • Contributing to HRS and ACC actions
  • Exploring legal options