For Hospital Administration

Learn more about the Impact of Ablation Reimbursement Cuts on American Hospitals & Why it is important to stand up for your Electrophysiologists

Consequences as Viewed by Providers

An SVT ablation (2-4hrs) is now equal in wRVU to:

  • Seeing 5 new patients in clinic (2.5 hrs)
  • Seeing 7 followup patients (2.3 hrs)
  • Seeing 4 hospital consults (1.6 hrs)
  • Performing 3 TEE/cardioversions (0.7 hrs)

wRVU per hr reduced to the level of noninvasive work

All with no lead, radiation, or orthopedic injury, and considerably less legal risk

There will be NO incentive to remain fully productive as an invasive EP

Short Term Consequences

Physicians driven away from procedures that:

  • Serve the community
  • Have large direct contribution margins
  • End ongoing costs of repeated hospital admissions
  • Provide ongoing growth for hospital revenue

Medium-Term Consequences

  • Decreased Physician wRVU +
  • Preserved Facility Reimbursement
  • Ablations Taken to ASCs
  • Decreased Hospital Use

Long-Term Consequences

  • Decreased Incentive to Invasive EP
  • Fewer EPs Trained + More EPs Retiring
  • Greater Competition, Lower Retention and Fewer Procedures Performed

How Hospitals Can Help?

Advocate FULL reversal of the 2022 interim / 2023 proposed CMS cuts:

  • Open letters to CMS
  • Engage Congressional members
  • Contribute to EP Advocacy Foundation (EPAF)
  • Engage hospital-network government liaison office